Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Stefanie and Joel

I’m proud to call Stef and Joel friends, and I’m very fortunate to call them neighbors, AND it’s amazing that I now get to call them clients. I couldn’t ask for a bigger honor than helping my friends find an awesome home in which to start their life together. And their story is a great model, too, for those with home-buying aspirations. As Stefanie proved, one can navigate progress from first-time buyer, to condo real estate investor, to buying up…even in a competitive market. Stefanie first purchased a home in 2014, with Diva Dude Rocky as her agent. It was a large one bedroom condo in Capitol Hill, just the right size for her at the time. After expertly renovating the condo by moving the kitchen and taking out some unnecessary walls and nasty carpets, the condo became both “home and home office” for a while. Eventually, she realized it … Continue reading Seattle Home Buyer Stories: Stefanie and Joel