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Diva Intern Chris Clem

Team Diva is super excited to announce that we have a summer intern on the Diva Team. Everyone meet our new divo, Chris Clem!  We met Chris through other Seattle University alums and were impressed by his smarts and his desire to work in the non-profit world post graduation. Plus – he adores modern dance – as all us Divas do! Chris is in the highly renowned Sullivan Leadership program at Seattle University. Throughout the summer Chris will be spending quality time with the Divas learning how to work a room, create great marketing programs, manage projects and socialize like a Diva. More specifically, Chris will be working on developing our Diva Dweller retention and appreciation program throughout the summer. Meet Chris below:

Although I originally hail from the Tri-Cities, in Eastern Washington, I am continually finding myself referring to Seattle as “home.”  Currently, I am attending Seattle University, pursuing a degree in International Studies and Strategic Communications. Usually you can find me at a swanky cafe on Capitol Hill, this summer I get to expand my horizons and explore some new stomping grounds, especially the Ballard area. I really enjoy discovering the unique characters of new Seattle neighborhoods, whether it be on a drive through or on a daily run. When I’m not exploring the diversity that constitutes the city of Seattle, I’m usually with friends eating some delicious food, grabbing coffee, seeing some sort of show, or going to a park in order to try to absorb as much sun (or partial sun) as Seattle will allow.

I am extremely excited to be working with the Divas this summer as the infamous summer intern. I feel as though this will be an opportunity to really gain knowledge and know-how about basically anything and everything, but especially expand my community building and effective communication skills.  Besides learning a lot, it has already been great to be working alongside such a welcoming, energetic, dynamic, and imaginative team. Oh what a summer this will be!

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    Woohoo! A Divo for Team Diva – that is awesome:)

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    Hooray! I am so excited to meet the Divo! Welcome to the team!

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