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Team Diva Real Estate is a huge fan of spreading the wealth in our own community. We love Seattle and its many independently owned shops, bakeries, music stores and radio stations. Sadly, we have watched some great stores close up shop this past couple of years. Other independent businesses have taken the recession as an opportunity for a readjustment. The Divas feel very strongly that community support of these independent businesses is the answer to a healthy local economy. This holiday season the Divas will be shopping local, and I know you will be there with us!

A study conducted by Civic Economics for the city of San Francisco showed that a slight shift in consumer purchasing behavior — diverting just 10% of purchases each year from national chain stores to locally owned businesses would create 1,300 new jobs and yield nearly $200 million in incremental economic activity. Knowing these numbers, it seems logical that we would buy Grandma something special at the upcoming Urban Craft Uprising holiday show, buy a lover a subscription to the Northwest Film Forum or buy yourself something fancy for the holiday soiree schedule at one of our locally owned boutiques. Whatever it is, just make sure your money is going to someone you know because it is bound to come back to the local economy.

Here are some of Team Diva’s favorite wonder women businesses that we want to share with you. Check them out!

Retail Therapy – A Unique Boutique on Capitol Hill
905 East Pike Street, Capitol Hill

Echo Norris Pilates – Personal Pilates Instruction
2915 East Madison Street, Madison Valley

Retroactive Kids – Vintage & One of a Kind Gifts for Kids
4859 Rainier Ave S, Columbia City

Magnolia’s – A Shoe & Handbag Salon
123 Winslow Way, Bainbridge Island

Remember the best recommendation is a personal one. We love to get your recommendations for your favorite local shops and services. And we appreciate all the Team Diva Real Estate recommendations you give to your friends and family throughout the year!

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    I completely agree. I not only enjoy supporting my community but I enjoy the experience of shopping at small mom and pop shops on a human to human level. A healthy local economy will support a better federal economy and let’s face it……we need that.

  2. chavi.hohm
    Chavi Hohm

    Hi Dick – Nice to see others agree with us as well. It will be interesting to see what happens in this next year as the economy shakes free of the downturn if folks will maintain their commitment to local businesses.

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