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HOMO for the Holidays!

Seattle sure knows how to celebrate Christmas. Of course every city has its own collection of quirky traditions, but we Divas think Seattle really takes the (fruit)cake on this one. In true Seattle and Diva fashion, all of these shows are less than what you might call “traditional” – and maybe a little more than risque (ris-GAY?). So if you are feeling a little naughty this holiday season, here are some shows that we are super excited about this month!

If you are looking forward to making the Yuletide gay this season, HOMO for the Holidays is exactly where you will want to find yourself. This year marks the fifth anniversary of this LGBTQ Christmas tradition, complete with singing, dancing, and all of the the mayhem that you might expect. With an all-star cast of local Seattle favorites from Ben DeLaCreme, Faggedy Randy, and Jinkx Monsoon, this show is sure to pull out all the stops in a non-stop hilarious rendition complete with  reindeer, angels, elves, and even and appearance by the reason for the season, Jesus himself. HOMO for the Holidays will be hosting shows twice a night at 7:00PM and 10:00PM on December 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. So buy your tickets and don your gay apparel for this show that only comes around once per year. Look for the Divas and the Saturgays to be spreading Yule cheer on Saturday the 22nd!

Can’t get enough drag queens to celebrate the birth of the King? Well then you will want to head over to Re-Bar to catch the annual Dina Martina Christmas Show. This hilariously horrifying train-wreck of a queen will personally treat you to a huge collection of classic Christmas carols with a little extra draggy twist. Although her makeup may look like it was done by a blind circus clown, her stunning outfits make up for it, sometimes even accentuating her voluminous back hair. Her jokes are raunchy, funny, and s little bit runny – but if you feel awkward, you’ll feel better after she sends you home with a few of her special gifts (pronounced jifts). We promise that if you go see Miss Dina Martina, you will leave laughing so hard that you will split your sides – just like some of her dresses. You can catch the Dina Martina Christmas Show at Re-Bar from now until the end of the month!

Considering the world is ending this month, why not catch one of the funniest shows around?! Ham for the Holidays is returning this year with Ham-ageddon, in celebration of the end days. In honor of it’s last year, Ham for the Holidays is bringing out the best of the best from the past 11 “Hams.” From “The View from a Double-Wide” to “Barista Boot Camp,” this year’s performance will be full of both old and new for those of you who want to grab some cheap laughs and priceless nostalgia. Children, homophobes, and conservatives beware! Everyone else, come watch these Hams at the Theatre Off Jackson until the end of the month (yes, the show has been optimistically scheduled past the End Days).

Finally, what kind of holiday season is complete without the classic family outing to The Nutcracker. But who doesn’t want to leave the kids at home every once and awhile and have a little bit of a more naughty tradition? Lucky for Seattleites, the best part about Christmas in Seattle is most definitely Land of the Sweets, a burlesque, NSFW version of the bougie holiday classic. Head over to the Triple Door for some saucy, sexy, and sassy fun from a collection of incredible local burlesque legends such as Lily Verlaine, Miss Indigo Blue, and Waxie Moon. This show routinely sells out, so put on your pasties, practice your flirtatious winks, and grab your tickets for Land of the Sweets today!

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