Friends, Family and Feels: Remington’s Guide to a Cheerful Pride

Friends, Family and Feels: Remington’s Guide to a Cheerful Pride

A lot of Pride may be a hot mess, but we’re not all hedonists. Diva Dude Remington Stokes prefers to celebrate Pride weekend in a more staid, social fashion. He focuses on its personal and historical significance. So what are his recommendations for Seattle Pride 2018?

What is Pride to you?

Pride is a time to celebrate all the people who make up the LGBTQ community. It is a time to get together with your close friends and allies and show the world your true self. To me, pride weekend is about enjoying inclusive events and recognizing that those that paved the way before us are the reason we are able to celebrate equality for our community.

Seattle Pride now has some extra, personal significance for you, doesn’t it?

I was fortunate enough to meet my partner, Tom, before the parade three years ago. We were both in line at the cuff at 9 AM, and he was standing right in front of me. We made eye contact several times, then started chatting. I asked for his number and we went on a date 2 weeks later! You never know who you may meet at Pride!

How are you starting the party this year?

On Friday evening I plan to see the Seattle Men’s Chorus perform their show, God Save the Queens. I would typically be singing with the chorus for this show but opted out because of other commitments. SMC’s pride show is a great way to kick off the weekend and set the mood for pride through the expression of song.

God Save The Queens is all about Brit Pop and Rock. Whose your personal British music idol?

I’d have to say Elton John. He has a great voice, and his music is fun, classic.

If you were performing in this show, what song would you most excited about singing?

“Fields of Gold” by Sting. My mom has always been a huge fan of Sting, so I have grown up listening to his music. “Fields of Gold” is a beautiful and calming piece of music.

What are the weekend plans?

On Saturday, in the early afternoon, I plan to go to the Broadway Fair during Capitol Hill Pride. It’s always a festive way to meet local vendors, performers, and friends. Later that afternoon, I’ll join my friends for their annual pride BBQ. On Sunday morning, I’ll go to a friend’s annual brunch, and then either march in the parade with the Seattle Men’s Chorus, or head to the Seattle Center for the Pride festivities.

Speaking of brunch…What’s your favorite alcoholic drink for brunch?

Greyhound: Vodka and fresh Grapefruit juice. This was my dad’s favorite drink. I find it very refreshing and it reminds me of my father.

Is there anything you are excited to see or do at Seattle Center this year?

I love people-watching. It’s great to see all of the diverse and happy people coming together as one.

Will you be going back to The Cuff this year?

The final activity of the weekend will be the Cuff Block Party. It’s always the biggest party in town that day.

For those who haven’t been to The Cuff for the big party before, do you have any tips on attire and etiquette?

I’d say that most men will be shirtless, so I always wear cute shorts as a pop of color. Just be nice and open to chatting with friends old and new.

Team Diva

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