Dogs Can Be Divas Too!

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Isabel with her ever present tennis ball.

Anyone who has met my dogs knows two things – they are the cutest things EVER…and they are a wee bit crazy. Having two high energy pups means I have to find a lot of ways to keep them entertained and expend their energy. Luckily, Seattle is a city friendly to dogs and their owners. It seems like every store I visit has a container of dog treats on the counter and a water dish outside the door. This means I can take my pups more places and spend as much time with them as possible – which leads to happier pups.

Now that Spring is making an appearance, my dogs and I are spending more and more time outdoors. I am fortunate enough to live near Genesee Dog Park. This park provides a variety of environments for dogs to play and explore. The large dirt area where dogs can chase balls and, more often than not – each other, is surrounded by grass, trees, logs and large boulders. Dogs can climb and explore, sniff and dig to their heart’s content. When the weather is super hot, we drive over to Magnuson Park, where the off leash area has water access for dogs to splash and swim. Splish splash!

Some days, mama needs her exercise too – so we head over to one of the many parks with walking paths. Greenlake is always a favorite of ours, and we can usually get friends to join us for a little stroll. If we want some scenic variety, West Seattle’s Lincoln Park has wooded trails leading down to a path along the waterfront. Both places are popular with dogs and their owners, and opportunities to meet new four-legged friends are plentiful.

All this outdoor fun can lead to two very dirty pups. When it’s time for my dogs to get their Diva style on, I take them to Dog Mania (a Diva Deals partner) in the Mt. Baker neighborhood. Dog Mania is kennel free, so pups are allowed to roam and play when they are not being bathed and groomed. There is nothing like bringing my freshly styled dogs home and having them pass out after a long day of fun. If you are a more do-it-yourself kind of dog owner, Rub-A-Dub Dog offers the equipment and supplies to wash and groom your dog, and they clean up the mess for you.

My pups are like me and can use a cocktail at the end of a long, busy day. Since they are looking fabulous, why not treat them to a night out on the town. The Dining Dog in Edmonds is the perfect place to treat my pups. This restaurant offers doggy cocktails, appetizers, entrees and desserts for your pampered pet (and nibbles for humans too). Throwing a party for your pooch? The Dining Dog also hosts private parties to celebrate the dog in your life.

Diva Dweller Shanna takes her little guy Oskar to Norm’s Ale House in Fremont. Amazing environment that allows the humans to have a beer while their puppies hang out. Oskar loves the hang out part!

Here’s to all of us dog (and other pet) owners! Throw a ball and raise a glass in honor of the four legged friend in your life!

Special Note: Dog Mania is a Team Diva business partner. Check out our Diva Deals page to find out about special discounts.

Isabel, Diva Kaz & Ky

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