Divas Where Are All of the Rentals?

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Welcome to Seattle

Where the hell are all of the apartments and houses to rent in Seattle? Tis a question we get all of the time. The rental market out there just sucks right now and I would not expect it to get better any time soon. It is a very aggressive market and you should expect to fight for an apartment the way they do in New York. In the last year alone rental prices have gone up 10%. In some neighborhoods the jump has been way  more significant. On Capitol Hill you should expect to pay over $2,000 for a two bedroom and at least $1,500 for a one bedroom with parking.

Here are some hints to get you in a place ahead of the rest of the fray that are moving to Seattle right now:

Before You Event Start to Look: You are going to have to be aggressive and basically hunt down landlords. You might even have to offer more money than they are advertising the home for rent!

  • Print a Copy of Your Credit Report
  • Have a Sample Application Filled Out
  • Have Letters of Recommendation
  • Have a Cashiers Check for the Deposit Ready
  • Have Your Former Landlord Write Your Pet a Recommendation
  • Have a Renters Resume that includes a description of who you are, what you are going to bring to the “community” your employer information, rental history, have pet info disclosed and anything else that is going to make you stand out from the crowd.

Places to Look For Your Diva Dwelling/Rental

  • Craigslist – The oldie but goodie. But honestly everyone uses it. Look everyday. Sometimes twice a day and call as soon as you see a home that is remotely decent.
  • SeattleRentals.com – Ok service but sometimes their listings are often outdated.
  • Ewing and Clark – They are able to source info from our local MLS service. This is for the higher-end homes.
  • Seattle Sublet – Only going to be here for a little bit. Sublet!
  • PadMapper – Love the interaction of PadMapper but they often get their listings about 24 hours after Craigslist posts.
  • Trulia – Personally I love Trulia’s search tools. Their rental section is clean and easy. Which in my book goes a long way!
  • Zillow – Yes Zillow has rentals listed on their site and it is pretty snazzy.

Give yourself time to make this work for you. I can be honest and say it is the rare person who will be able to find a home in a day. Take your time and spend a week out here getting to know the neighborhoods. Feel free to check out our Neighborhood Section on the Diva site or our Hood Spotlights section for more specific neighborhood information in Seattle. Good luck and give us a ring if you have any questions.



3 thoughts on “Divas Where Are All of the Rentals?

  1. Great article! Thanks for the mention. You can also get mobile with your search, we built specific apps for android and iphone that were made just for the rental experience, it’s much different than for sale and has neat features like “nixing” listings you don’t like or saw already and color coding to tell you how old a listing is, i.e. just posted, vs. over 24 hours old. finally, the iPhone app has push notifications, so instead of refreshing CL all day (which is a good habit in many cities) you can set your criteria and let Trulia do the work, we update every 15 minutes and have new listings added daily. 🙂 I would also love local feedback, so if any of your clients love or hate us – send ’em my way pierre(at)trulia.com

    I would also add that consumers should make sure they NEVER send money online without seeing the place in person. They should also not give too much information without meeting the landlord first.


  2. Chavi Hohm

    Great info! Thank Pierre. Tis why we love the mobile aspect of Trulia.

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