Diva News: Winter Softening of Rental Prices But Still High

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Rent Guru Says - It is Just Winter Season in Seattle's Rental Market

Rent Guru Says – It is Just Winter Season in Seattle’s Rental Market

The rent guru and I just finished up a super fun open house for a rental we have up in View Ridge. The neighborhood is in known for it’s freaking awesome mid-century homes and superior schools. Should be an easy rental right? Well majority of the folks who came into our open house thought it was For Sale. Interesting!

Well here at the DivaHQ we took a closer look at Capitol Hill and the Madison Valley area to do see what’s going on here.

  • Two Bedroom  Apartments / 994sf Average = $2,214 Average Rent
  • One Bedroom + Den Apartments / 767sf Average = $1,790 Average Rent
  • One Bedroom Apartments / 674sf Average = $1,582 Average Rent

Earlier this year we saw two bedroom apartments going for close to $2,600 a month. The number of calls for relocating Diva Dwellers have also gone done. The question is: is this a long term trend now that we have more brand new apartments in the area or is this just the winter? Moral of the story is, data says that rental prices are on their way down, but Rent Guru says it’s just a seasonal softening because, as all Game of Thrones obsessives know, WINTER IS COMING.