Diva Arts: zoeljuniper + Divas

Diva Arts: zoeljuniper + Divas


The Divas Throw Their Support Behind zoeljuniper

Why we love zoeljuniper?
Several years ago we were at a party chatting with some friends. One said “Hey – you need to come with us to see zoe|juniper at On the Boards (OTB). They are doing some interesting work.” Although we are always open to discovering new dance/performance groups we were still slightly skeptical. To be honest, we have been trapped more than once in non-intermission “art pieces” that we wished we could be “beamed out of”.  So we politely took a “let’s see” attitude. We did venture to see zoe|juniper and were definitely intrigued. That was back in 2007.

This past fall we were asked by Diva Pal Josh to host one of zoe|juniper dancer’s Raja Kelly at Chez Diva. Talking to Raja about the work and Zoe and Juniper’s process was fascinating and illuminating. In February, we saw them perform again at OTB at the A.W.A.R.D.S. We instantly became devout fans! It challenged the audience and was able to capture the zeitgeist of the universal tension that is happening at the moment. We left feeling we had just seen a snippet of something brilliant!

Now The Divas are throwing their support and their team behind this exciting and engaging company. Please join us on this journey to meet, discover and get to know zoe|juniper. We are convinced it you do – you will become a devout fan just like us!

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Who is zoeljuniper?

Zoe and Juniper are collaborators creating dance in a container of visual stimulation. Zoe and Juniper start each piece with Juniper photographing Zoe in very intimate setting. Together they utilize that initial create spark to develop an entire piece. Zoe expects rigorurus and intense ballet and contemporary dance expressions from her dancers. Meanwhile Juniper layers in amazing videography setting a tone for the entire performance piece. They seek a distilled clarity of technique in their discipline which the audience can experience with their own history, desire, and emotions. The result is stimulating, surprising and always technique driven.

Why the arts are important to Seattle?

Team Diva strongly believe that giving back to the arts is critically important to building strong communities & neighborhoods. We strongly support Seattle’s art scene because we want Seattle to be the greatest place there is to live. Without the arts, our city would be a much less safe, invigorating, diverse and economically stable place to live. That is not a city people will flock to and thrive in. Please join Team Diva in support of Seattle’s arts and in support of zoe|juniper. Let’s all work to keep Seattle the vibrant amazing city we know and love!


Chavi Hohm

Chavi Hohm

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