Top Five Features I Love About This Split-Level Leschi Townhome 

What are the very best things about this Split-Level Leschi Townhome? Where do we even start?! Well, first of all, this Diva Dwelling has a fantastic layout. The main floor is truly the heart of the home, which includes a large kitchen and comfortable living room ready for entertaining. Fabulous bedroom retreats are ready to […]

5 Favorite Things About this Unique Wedgwood Home For Sale 

Wedgwood Home Formal Living Room

What do you need to know about this unique Wedgwood home for sale in Seattle? The remodeled, chef-ready kitchen is a standout highlight ready for cooking, baking, and entertaining in abundance! Expansive living and seamless flow offer easy living, and at every turn, discover plenty of wall space for your art collection. A park-like backyard […]

What Can You Buy for Under $350,000 in Seattle?

Capitol Hill Condo Open Living Area

What can you buy for under $350,000 in Seattle? In New York, you can buy a parking spot. Luckily for us, we still have areas where first-time homebuyers can find their own Diva Dwelling at an affordable price. Rocky Flowers here, and I’m a licensed real estate broker with Team Diva at Coldwell Banker Bain. […]

The Joy of Home Inspection: Learning to Look at Houses Like a Pro

Inspecting a Home in Seattle Guide

Most homeowners don’t really know much about the systems and structures that compose their house. Their loss is the gain of professional plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. You don’t need to be a master of all these trades, but knowing some basic information about the house can save you hassle and money. One of the best ways […]

Buying a Condo In Seattle: Key Quick Points to Keep in Mind

Condos in Seattle - 4 Quick Points for Buyers

Buying a Condo in Seattle is drastically different for those who are used to living in more dense cities like New York, Chicago, or San Francisco. There are a lot of good reasons to buy a condo versus a traditional home or a townhouse. It is a more affordable entrance to many of Seattle’s urban […]

Buying New Construction in Seattle

Buying New Construction in Seattle

Buying new construction in Seattle is home option that many in the city prefer to take. There is nothing like buying something brand spanking new and that goes for homes too. Specifically, if you really love that modern new construction home look. That new house smell that comes with new construction is magical. Fresh paint, […]

Getting Your Mortgage Financing in Order for a Home Purchase

If you’re like me, you don’t like to deal with money, and talking about personal finances with a total stranger is the last thing I want to do. And does it get any more personal than when you are buying a home? The good news is that getting your self prepped for getting a mortgage is not […]

Just Listed Just Sold Central District Townhouse

This Judkins Park Gem was our lovely client Radha’s first home. She bought it when she first moved to Seattle a few years ago. While it was hard to say goodbye to her special abode, a new career and marrying her sweetheart shifted her life out of the area. She called The Divas and we discussed […]

Home Buyer Workshop in Seattle, November 15th at Diva HQ

Home Buyer Workshop…Diva Style! Team Diva believes that educated clients make the best decisions. We strive to educate our clients through every step of the process. It’s important that buyers have a strong understanding of financing, current market conditions, and contingencies. We have developed a buyer workshop to help prepare our future Diva Dwellers for […]

First Time Home Seller: The Low-Down On The Appraisal Process

Congratulations, you just got your home in contract for $100,000 over the asking price. In fact, your home is the most expensive home to sell in your neighborhood all year. All the prep work you put into your home coupled with the marketing and market know-how of  Team Diva paid off. All you need to do […]

Staging Your Home Will Help It Sell For More Money

Staging a Home for Sale Guide

Dreams Sell Homes. People are emotional beings, and we make all kinds of decisions based on an emotional pull to something. When your home is on the market, you must be effective in visually telling the story of your home to every buyer who walks through the door. You want your home to evoke such […]

What Are Closing Costs?

What are Closing Costs? A good down payment can significantly reduce one’s mortgage, but buyers have other costs to cover to close the deal, which can cut into that down payment. This is especially true for financed buyers. Cash buyers will pay escrow and HOA fees at closing. Financed buyers will pay these costs, plus […]

Competing Against Cash Offers By Waiving Financing

Do you need to win a house from cash or cash-heavy buyers in Seattle’s multiple offer market? One item to consider is to waive your “Financing Contingency.” Waiving your financing contingency comes with risks and it appears to be key to winning a detached single-family home in Seattle. What Does Your Financing Contingency Do? The […]